Its easy to make GUIDs in Haskell. to get GUIDs. This creates version 4 GUIds. Where a '4' begins the third group of digits.

-- This module implements Version 5 UUIDs as specified
-- in RFC 4122.
-- These UUIDs identify an object within a namespace,
-- and are deterministic.
-- The namespace is identified by a UUID.  Several sample
-- namespaces are enclosed.

module Data.UUID.V5
    ) where

import Data.Word

import Data.UUID.Internal
import qualified Data.UUID.Named as Shared
import qualified Data.Digest.SHA1 as SHA1

-- |Generate a 'UUID' within the specified namespace out of the given
-- object.
-- Uses a SHA1 hash. The UUID is built from first 128 bits of the hash of
-- the namespace UUID and the name (as a series of Word8).
generateNamed :: UUID    
              -> [Word8] 
              -> UUID
generateNamed =  Shared.generateNamed hash 5 where hash bytes
              =  case SHA1.hash bytes of
                 SHA1.Word160 w1 w2 w3 w4 _w5 -> (w1, w2, w3, w4)
source from haskell.org