GUID Test and Validate

Use this to test if your 'GUID' is in fact a GUID. You could count the sections and see how many characters are in each but why bother. You can simply enter the text and hit the 'Test and Validate' button. The site will use Microsoft .NET to check the GUID/UUID.

Strings like this are typical GUIDs:

  • C56A4180-65AA-42EC-A945-5FD21DEC0538
  • c56a4180-65aa-42ec-a945-5fd21dec0538
  • {c56a4180-65aa-42ec-a945-5fd21dec0538}
  • C56a418065aa426ca9455fd21deC0538
  • {C56a418065aa426ca9455fd21deC0538}

Strings like this are NOT GUIDs at all:

  • C56A4180-65AA-42EC-A945-5FD21DEC (too short)
  • ! (BANG!)
  • x56a4180-h5aa-42ec-a945-5fd21dec0538 (non-hex characters)
  • your mom (your mom is not a GUID)
  • null (Cannot convert null to 'System.Guid' because it is a non-nullable value type)
  • (empty string is not a GUID)
GUID test and validate
your 'GUID'